Suzue’s Concert at the Yasukuni Shrine

Suzue’s Concert at the Yasukuni Shrine

The Shinto Pristess and Artist Singer Suzue was performing at this annual event concert
held at the Yasukuni Shrine Tokyo.



⟼ // プロジェクト詳細

————- Detail of the Project


プロジェクトの概要 / Project Overview : 
Suzue, Japanese Singer artist and Shinto Priestess. Annual concert at the Yasukuni shrine. Collaborating for the first time at this unique event occurring in the middle of the sakura blossom season as a designer and as video/photographer.

ワーク / Work :

  • コンセプトイメージ
  • パンフレット制作
  • 動画制作
  • 写真撮影
  • ビデオ編集


PR Video

Flyer Profile Side

Suzue’s performance at the Yasukuni Shrine Tokyo.

Suzue’s is a Shinto Priestess and Singer.
She is performing every year in this unique place in association of many artist from various place in Japan.

Suzue asked me to contribute to this year event as a Designer and visual maker photos and videos.
Taking video of the full show and pictures for the next year event Flyer. 

So as a designer I had to revamp the event flyer of this annual concert.
The location is unique and especially during the cherry blossoms.
It’s a first time as well I make a poster in the Japanese Shinto culture if I can call it like this. So that part was very interesting.
Of course my foreign eye and sensibility was important in this promotional work.

My work was to make sure that we have a very appealing design for this special moment. A moment who are combining art music spirituality and faith or luck lol.
Faith because of the weather and the cherry blossom agenda. We cannot predict the blooming without any certitude. And the weather marking the beginning of Spring is very unstable. So it’s very hard to plan an event in this season or moment.

The event was a success
The artists and the people really complimented me about the design and seems to really like it.
The event was great. It was planned to rain during the all day but it’s top raining just few hours before the show.